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Senior VC++ Developer for our virtual team
Размещено до: 29 Окт 2008 Добавлено: 29 Сен 2008, 19:23

Информация о вакансии

Компания .... не указана
График работы .. не указан
Работа в ......ЖИТОМИРЕ
Опыт работы .... 2-5 лет
Пол ............ Мужской, Женский
Образование .... Высшее образование
Зарплата .... по результатам
Возраст .......... от: 18 до: 60

Это объявление:

Описание вакансии

Senior VC++ Developer for our virtual team

*The Position*

We are a producer of add-on database tools and training software for well known B2B software. In order to enhance our capacities we are looking for an additional senior VC++ developer for our virtual development team. Your main task will be the development of drivers which link our software into third party applications such as Lotus Notes. System design, architecture and object models will be developed during real life workshops which will take place in the Ukraine.

The product requirements are mainly developed in our German office while the coding takes place in Eastern Europe, mainly Ukraine.

The major part of the work is conducted online by using collaborative web applications and online repositories. While you can communicate with your Ukrainian colleagues in in your native language English is our work language for all written purposes.

*What we offer*

We offer interesting and challenging task to work on with a small, friendly international team, a competitive salary, flexible work hours within our five day work week and five weeks of paid vacations per year.

As you will join our virtual team, there is no need to relocate yourself or to commute to our office. You can work from any place you like such as your home or an nearby office space you choose.

*Whom we are looking for*

We are looking for a developer with an academic degree in computer related science, at least three years work experience and good English skills.

*Mandatory skills and accessories*

The mandatory skills where you should be able to demonstrate outstanding experience and knowledge are:
- VC++
- Object oriented programing
- Good technical English
- ATL and MFC or WTL
- Win API

As this position is for our virtual team you must be able to set up your own work place including a reliable 24/7 internet connection at a place of your choice.

*Nice-to-have skills*

We will be pleased if you have experience and knowledge in any of the following topics:
- Java
- Javascript
- VBScript
- Lotus Script for Notes/Domino
- GDI+

*How to apply*

Please apply online on our web site by completing the web form here: .

We will reply to your application within two work days. If your profile matches our requirements we will introduce you to our project manager and our main developer. Both will guide you through the remaining recruitment process.

Smart-Toucan Software GmbH

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Размещено до: 29 Окт 2008
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