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How to Promote YouTube Videos and Get Many Subscribers

How to Promote YouTube Videos and Get Many Subscribers

Of course, YouTube is the most popular and effective platform for video promotion. In fact, it combines the usual television and social network. Its audience is millions of users, and every day it is growing at an incredible rate. If you correctly promote the video on this video hosting, you will get dozens of new customers, because your target audience is already watching videos there. For example, you can do it with the help of experienced professionals and get 1000 youtube subscribers for $ 1. Agree, a great deal on the novice channel.

But YouTube is really effectively used by a few entrepreneurs. Let's do a simple test. Remember if you watched a YouTube video or an embedded video on other social media over the past week? Most likely your answer is “Yes”. Now pay attention to the following points:

  • have you uploaded a video to youtube during the same period - most will answer no;
  • if you did add your video, then think about how effectively it attracts the target audience;
  • is it displayed in the top;
  • whether he brings subscribers and customers.

If not, then you are doing something wrong. Let's move on to a step-by-step plan on how to promote a video on a popular video platform.

Make up the semantic core

In simple terms, the semantic core is the requests of your target audience. Think about what phrases your potential client is typing into the search box? Make a list using Wordstat services from Yandex or "Keyword Planner" from Google.Adwords.

Next, record short videos - one for each keyword. This will allow you to receive additional free traffic. And not only from YouTube, but also from the search engines Google and Yandex. Because they often show videos on the first page of a search term. Thus, you will find yourself in the TOP of search engines.

Correct name

Before uploading, rename your video on your computer so that it contains a key request. For example: "how to promote a video on youtube". Video title is 80% success. Try to make a catchy header, but remember that it must contain a key request. You can even several times (two will be enough). For example: “Business on the Internet. How to build a business on the Internet in 2 months. "

Qualitative description

Describe your video in detail. Start with keywords. Plus use them multiple times in the text. Ideally, this is a complete transcription of your cues - when what you say is duplicated by text. Or highlight the key points and link to the period of time when these words sound.

Select a category and write tags

It is advisable to put videos in one category. For example, "Education". This will show your videos in the Related Videos list in the same category. Tags are keywords and queries. Using tags is an effective tool for promoting YouTube videos. Write them separately for each video. These are the queries for which your video will be shown when searching.

It is very important to get views, likes and comments immediately after adding a video. Otherwise, your video will be very difficult to bring to the TOP of YouTube. For this, the best option is to contact a special service and get professional help for channel development.

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